welcome to the Little Monsters Childminding experience 

Childcare that treats every child as if they were our own

Welcome to the Little Monsters
Childminding Experience 
Childcare that cares for children as if they were our own

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Welcome to Little Monsters

Hello, Thank you for visiting my website today.

If I am right you have selected my Childminding website because you are looking for professional childcare to take care of a your child or children.

Whether you are looking for someone for the first time, or you are unhappy with your current supplier for some reason, I understand that this is something that you will not be undertaking lightly. The person you chose has to be right for the child and for you. 

You need someone that has an understanding of children, who does childminding as a career not just a job to make money from. You Want Professional childcare that takes into account every child's unique needs and caters for them every day as they change. 

You need someone who can spot and work with you if your child has a special need, and knows the procedures necessary to get the help your child may need in these circumstances.

You want a caring person who can help you with Potty Training, Bike Riding, and climbing the steps on the slide for the first time.

And Finally you want someone you can just talk to about your child, who does not judge you or your family and wants the best for you as a family and offer support and advice when it is needed.

Are we are off to a good start? Then please browse the rest of my pages for more information. I am currently changing all the information on these pages and some of them may become unavailable as I do so, I apologise for this in advance

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